Is sterilization with UV lights effective?

Does anyone think installing UV lighting sterilization kits in our spaces could be useful to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus? UV sterilization lights are proven to kill viruses, but no one seems to know exactly how effective they are. They also cause skin cancer (so don’t use them while people are in your space). I bought two 25watt UV bulbs (50watt total) and a 15/30/60min timer on eBay and screwed them into my ceiling fixture. I also bought a bulb cage from Home Depot to make sure nothing would break the bulbs since the fluorescent bulbs have mercury and are toxic if they break. (I don’t recommend buying the LED UV lights since some reviews say they don’t actually sterilize as well). I’ll attach some pics of what I made, but it’s also possible to buy a pre-made 38watt lamp on Amazon for like $50-100:

U V Light 38W Germicidal Lamp Ozone Sterilizer Lamp for Room (Remote Control)

What does everyone think?
Should we all be trying this stuff?
Or is it a waste of time and money?

I personally think that it’s a waste of time and money since not every UVC bulb actually is effective and also just not something they recommend to be conducted outside of a medical facility because of the potential danger. As far as it killing it in the air I wasn’t able to find specifics on how successful it is and what proximity the virus needs to be to the bulb but it apparently requires a heavy direct dose just to get it off of surfaces and things like dust can interfere.

I’m sure you’ve already looked at a bunch or maybe seen these already but here are 2 helpful articles:

I considered adding UV lights into my HVAC system, but decided the expense wasn’t worth it.

I have 4 central air HVAC units in my space. The UV bulbs I looked at get inserted into the vents just above the air circulators and illuminate the air as it passes through the system. This way, people are not exposed to the light and (presumably) all of the air moving through the space is sanitized.

Each bulb system cost about $400 and, if you’re decently handy, can be installed yourself. I didn’t want to drop $1,600 into this right now. Might revisit if/when bookings get back to normal. I think it’s a good selling point to be able to say you have this safety feature.

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I have a UV light “air scrubber” installed in my HVAC system at home, but not at my studio. Installing them in an HVAC system is more expensive and will only clean the air, but not surfaces. I wanted a way to sanitize my prop couches in my space, since it is very difficult to disinfect fabric with Lysol wipes, and Lysol sprays which can leave the fabric wet for hours. Only thing is I have no idea how effective they are? But I guess it’s at least better than not having them. Plus, it might help a guest feel more safe about renting our space.

I’ve had exactly zero people ask me about UV cleaning of any variety. That was also part of my calculation to not install the lights into the vents.

The info changes all the time, but the last time I looked into it (a month ago?), the leading sources said that contracting COVID from soft surfaces was a low or non-existent concern. It’s hard surfaces where the virus can last up to 72 hours (steel).