I need my listing paused

I wrote to help@peerspace.com as indicated on the Peerspace website five days ago and I just got a booking I cannot take due to no power in the studio.
Please delist the studio until we have power back!

Hey there!

Thanks for reaching out. Peerspace Support sent an email reply to your request. We just need you to confirm one security detail before we place a pause on your listing.

We’ll make sure to get this taken care of right away once we hear from you!

Thank you. I will send the info shortly.

What does it mean to pause? I need to pause my bookings due to the current virus restrictions for my venue.

I would like to have my venue still public and available to search and find… But somehow indicate that bookings will not be accepted until my city changes it s covid-19 restrictions.

Is pause the right mechanism to do this? What other options do I have and what options are the best to not lose visibility? I have simply been replying to bookings individually. Would you recommend individual replies or is pause a better option?

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We simply go to the calendar and block out periods of time like when we are doing repairs or installations at the studio or for holidays. . You can always go back to the calendar and unlock the days / hours . We blocked out Wed-Sunday for the Thanksgiving holiday but one of our regular guest wanted Saturday so we made it available to book while keeping the other days closed.