Suspending a Listing

Is there way to suspend a listing? We don’t want to have to delete a listing, but we do not want it visible either.

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would love to know the answer to that as well…

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Hey @Marylyn_D, great question! To pause your listing you can email and let the CX team know you would like to pause your listing temporarily. When you are ready to set your listing live again, you can send an email and the team will make it visible again.



I was going to say book your calendar out for days/months but Lawrence is best at this.


Blocking out your calendar should help to pause your listing.

Block it out in your calendar.

But I see that it would be nice to have a listing “go dark” so it doesn’t appear in searches. I wonder if there is a way to “hide” a listing and reveal after a hiatus.

I blocked out my calendar for 3 months, and STILL get messages about dates that are unavailable. Of course have to reply to these messages ASAP to not lose my fast reply rating, and explain that those dates are unavailable was a headache… so probably best to suspend it.

Hi @Alina_T,

if you would like to pause your listing so that it’s not visible and you don’t get messages while away we can do that for you. You just have to email When you are ready to set your listing back live, you would just shoot us a short email.


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Thank you, Lawrence, for your help on this.