How to edit reviews on both guest and host end?


@Grace_B How to edit reviews on both guest and host end? A guest made an error and meant to give us a better star rating but in a rush chose 4 stars. How can they change it or can it be reset on Peerspace end so he can resubmit? Thx!


I do not think Peerspace changes the stars but they can change the text you wrote.

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Hi @Trish_H!

We do have a process in place to evaluate reviews as needed once they are published on Peerspace. Our Customer Experience team handles these requests on a case-by-case basis, so I recommend reaching out to them at for assistance.

For context, unbiased reviews are an important part of our growing host and guest communities. As a result, we only intervene in rare situations - e.g. when specific content in a review clearly violates our content guidelines.

Hope this helps!


It seems that if the author wants to change a review due to an error or a misunderstanding, they should be able to.