High-End Filming Rentals


I am wondering about how to categorize filming inquiries. Traditionally, higher-end location inquiries would come via a location service, and a day rate would be $5,000/day or more, with half that for prep and strike days. This would be for commercials, films, music videos, etc. For those who deal with the larger productions, do you have good questions to distinguish these types of projects from those with smaller budgets?

I don’t want to scare off the small to mid-size projects, but I also want to be fairly compensated by the larger productions. Appreciate any feedback from your experiences, thanks!


Personally, I think $5k is low for a large film shoot (movie, TV show, or commercial). But generally, these productions use larger crews (over 35), and more equipent. Some telltale signs are dolly tracks, a huge lighting package, and the need for a pre-light day. As not to scare off the smLler productions, have your posted price be for those, with the stipulation that the price is higher for larger crews, equipment, etc.