Help with editing my description and add cleaning fee


I need help with my listing. I’ve tried multiple times to change the wording on my listing and even though I am hitting the done button at the bottom of the page the wording does not get changed.

I’d like to add a cleaning fee and I’ve followed these instructions below with no luck. There is no cleaning fee section. There is only a cleaning section and when that is opened there is no area to add a fee.

How to set your cleaning fee:

  • Click the “[Listings]” tab in the navigation bar
  • Select “Edit” for each listing you’d like to update
  • Find the “Cleaning fee” section
  • To charge guests for cleaning, select “Additional flat fee” and enter the amount you want to charge
  • Click “Update” and then “Done editing”

I’d also like to increase the minimum amount of hours that my house can be rented for and I can’t find anywhere to do that.

I feel like so many sections are missing on the edit tab. This is driving me nuts.

Thank you!

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Cleaning fee is listed at the bottom of pricing. Hours are listed in Production FAQ or the FAQ for whatever you wish to edit. Pricing is also there. Remember to click the little pencils.

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Something really seems to be wrong. There are no pencils or save buttons on any of the pages. All of the link from my listing page are really quite simple and won’t allow me to do anything. It’s seems all that I could do if I wanted to would be to use the add-on button. Everything else seem to be missing.
Thank you Yvonne for responding! I can’t get to any of the places that you directed me to.


Hi Joanna,

You can think of your listings as customizations on top of your space. So anything you edit on your Meeting, Production, or Events listing will override anything you have entered within the “edit space” page.

To edit your description:

  1. Make sure you’re clicking the “Edit” button underneath the section called “Customize for different activities”.
  2. Then you will be taken to a screen saying to “Customize for…”
  3. Then click “Edit” on the “description” row.
  4. That should then take you to a page with a bunch of editing options. Scroll down to “About the space” and click the pencil icon to make your changes to the description.

On that same page (as step 4) you should be able to add a cleaning fee by clicking the pencil icon next to “Pricing”. And for the minimum hours, click the pencil icon in the section at the top of the page.

Keep in mind you will have to do these for all 3 listings for your space.

Let me know if this doesn’t work. The editing experience has undergone a lot of changes in the past months so support articles may be out of date.

Hi Victor,

Lauren Dunn emailed with me earlier and was able to help me get it all worked out.

Thank you!