Edit description


How do I edit the listing description after it has been posted.

Hi @Shanna_R

I hope that you have figured this out but if not hopefully I can help.

  1. Log into your peerspace account

  2. Hit the icon beside your picture (upper right hand corner) that looks like this ^

  3. A drop down menu will appear - hit ‘listings’

  4. Your listing(s) will appear

You now have two choices:

Hit the ‘edit’ button under the title of your listing if you want to edit the location, size, parking, Wi-Fi or directions

(this is where you can edit the description)

Scroll farther down the page and you will see the heading:
‘Customize for Different Activities’
You then have a choice of editing your space under
‘Media Productions’
or ‘Events’
(I only do media productions so that is all I have to edit).
In this section you can edit the description plus the rates, photos, instant booking, minimum hours etc.

Hope this helps!