Revising prices and photos

I’m trying to revise my prices on my many listings (or add some photos). I now no longer have the option to edit those. Peerspace support keeps replying back about how to negotiate prices on a job or how to offer custom pricing but this is not my question. Then they’ve told me to go to Edit and in the drop down menu to #5 and #6 or for those options. I don’t find that anywhere. I’m considering lowering all of my hourly rates now to get ready to get back to business; thanks for any tips.

Hi Claudia. I’m sorry that you’re having trouble! Here are instructions for editing your listings:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Edit” on the listing you would like to update
  3. From the table of contents, select “Edit” next to any field you’d like to update

Be sure to hit “Edit” on the listing rather than the space. Some pieces of information are kept at the space level, and others at the listing level. Here’s where you can find each piece of information.

Space: location, parking, size, wifi, directions, cancellation policy
Listing: Photos, description, rules, pricing, instant book, and more

To edit space level information, select “Edit Space”. For listing level information, select “Edit” next to the “Meetings”, “Media Productions”, and “Events” labels. Hope this helps!

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this is driving me crazy, I can’t edit “listing”, only the “space”