Has this ever happened?

My guest was very responsive with communication leading up to the day of the event. She even messaged me to let me know she would be arriving in 10 minutes. Upon her arrival I showed her the property to get her started and offered to help unload the decorations from her car. I noticed someone was in the driver seat and the car was running. She declined my offer to help. We walked through the property then she said she had to leave to get more decorations and some last minute things. She was only at my home for about 5 minutes. The guests for her daughters her baby shower were to arrive in about 45 minutes and she said her daughter (the expecting mother) should be arriving soon. That was the last I have heard from her and no guests showed up. About an hour later I messaged her to see if everything was OK. No reply. As of me writing this I still have not heard from her. I assume she had no intention of staying when she arrived. Also, this was a last minute booking too. Has this ever happened?

I don’t want to scare you, but sounds like she could be “casing the joint”. I’d make sure your place is locked up with a good alarm. Did their credit card payment for the rental go thru? Some people could sign up on Peerspace with a fraudulent or stolen card. It might be wise to double check the renter’s identity with Peerspace. Hope nothing bad happens.


No! And better they didn’t stay for the event, sounds awful all around and very unusual.

Sounds very odd. I guess casing the place is the only explanation that makes any sense. Did you get paid? That is, did the payment go through? Please keep us updated to clear up this mystery.

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Yes either they were either casing the joint as mentioned before or loved your space and decided to pay you for a personal tour. But yes Very weird? If you don’t have security you might want to consider installing it for future rentals. This should be an eye opener for many. Thanks for sharing your story!

I believe she was hoping I would leave the house for her event and they would have free range to take what they want. Just odd in this day and age of cameras all over the place. The more I think about it I believe this is a lesson for all Peerspace hosts. Her profile is only first name and last name initial. No picture profile either. Anyone can give fake info but when they are not providing enough info about who they are upfront that should be a red flag. In the future I will insist on picture and last name. Of course they can use fake info for that. But at least its another layer. I wonder if Peerspace has ever considered picture ID to be uploaded to their profiles? Or as a host can we request drivers license?

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Payment has not gone through yet. The event was on Saturday. So I am still waiting and it says “Scheduled” . I have reached out to Peerspace twice with no response. I wish they had a support phone number!

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Do you have cameras? What were they doing? Anything left behind?

I was thinking the same as the other person, sounds very scary, gives me an unsettled feeling.

yes! definitely need the same type of requirements as air bnb.

You can certainly request a driver’s license or other government issued ID (passport in lieu of, etc.) Once we come out of the pandemic lockdown, I plan to initiate a one page Renters Agreement, that they would have to sign and present photo ID.

Sort of like a landlord’s security deposit, you are less likely to have problems if people know they can be traced and held accountable. I’ve had to bring actions against 3 renters in the past 18mos (2 small claims and one Peerspace arranged mediation) for people who didn’t want to pay for broken furniture or tried to skip out without paying their overtime. A Rental Agreement, while not perfect, is as you say, another layer of protection in cases that go awry.

Hey Tim… to avoid any issues with overtime I have 3 suggestions…

  1. I always tell guests to message me on Peerspace to confirm how much more additional time they will be extending their booking so that way there is the written communication for Peerspace staff to quickly and easily reference.

  2. Install video cameras so you always have visual proof of happenings.

  3. If you don’t have video cameras set up, or if you forget to have them message you in advance or if they just end up going over while cleaning up just pull out your phone and record a video of your guests at your place to show they are still there and what’s happening. The video’s metadata will notate the exact date and time it was captured.

It might possibly be that she was not expecting you to be at the location during the ‘baby shower’ because it was really another sort of event (party, porno shoot etc). You being there was not expected or wanted.

*You could include in your peerspace posting that there will be a ‘location manager on site’ during bookings so guests are aware before they book.


This is one reason why I always like to have a phone conversation with potential guests before they book. I like to get a feeling for them. And also, although Skira’s suggestion to include on your site that you will be present is good, my experience is that the majority of guests do not read what I have written so I like the chance to go over it with them. I realize that some of you are so busy you don’t have time for that. But I really do think it helps avoiding future problems and misunderstandings.


My listing states that I am always on site and have never had an issue. If you’re on site for your bookings I’d say it’s a good idea to have that written in the description or the rules. Even if people don’t read it in your description, most likely guests will make note of it in their reviews and then future guests will read that. And I suggest whenever a guest messages you or books your space you ask them to review the rules section and remind them that you’re on site for the booking.

Tim_D - I was told by PeerSpace that as a host we can not ask for our guest’s ID, because I was asking for them (and photographing them) before each rental and a guest complained. Maybe if I don’t take a photo of it then it would be okay (but I don’t have a good memory of names). I do think PeerSpace should definitely ask for an ID when registering, but I don’t think they do. We should all ask them to consider it. Of course PeerSpace takes a credit card, BUT they are easily faked, stolen, or canceled. It is a big concern of mine if a guest were to take off with all my stuff, how could PeerSpace insure that the cops would be able to track them down???


@Lean_S I think Peerspace should require an ID to book. As a host we are fully exposed. Guests know way more about us then we know who they are. We are basically inviting complete strangers into our property. At the very least we should know more about who they are and have solid recourse to who they are. I am requiring the guest to provide a photo ID upon arrival and I tell them during the booking process. I actually just had someone who was very interested in booking and we had a lot of back and forth communication and then ghost me after I told them that I would need a photo ID upon arrival.

I’m sure that’s why PeerSpace doesn’t require valid IDs, because then they’d get less business. Their main model is to entice renters, not to make sure the host’s stuff is safe (since they aren’t liable for our stuff).