Has anyone developed message templates to address FAQs?

Communicating with guests can be time-consuming!

If you’ve noticed that guests often ask you the same questions, have you created templated responses to address them? What details do you typically include in your responses and where do you store them for easy access?

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would be great if Peerspace would allow “Saved Messages” ala Airbnb.


Personally, I hate getting canned messages. It only takes a few minutes to craft an individualized reply, and I find that rather than making a potential guest wade through a generic response it’s worth it to take a minute or two to respond to them–I do think that helps with generating bookings.



I have a generic FAQ word doc that I save and print out for each guest upon their arrival. It includes everything from how to work our AC to wireless passwords to important phone numbers and names. I also include a list of house rules (we require booties to be worn and tables to be covered when used). I have recently started to send this doc to guests beforehand via email too which is helpful!


I too have a generic “welcome” to the space document. As far as responding I make it personal. I have given thought to a checklist format to send to guests to aid in what aspects they are needing if they weren’t specific initially


My faq are embedded in the listing, that way no one can say they didn’t know!

We use a very detailed FAQ. I don’t feel like it’s canned, but rather helps to ensure a great resource with the same folkie style as our personalities. It addresses everything from parking, internet access, food, garbage location, contact info, etc., but it is simple and easy to understand. Without it we’d spend a tremendous amount of time addressing questions.


YES I have a little message saved in my notepad that details everything. First I’ll say something simple like “Thank you! I’ll follow up with all the details in just a moment” and then i’ll c/p my long list of items starting with the address, how to get in, some details about the space, and ending with how to lock up.

I used to wait for a few days before the event until sending it. But I have found people like having all the information they need right away. So now I share it at the same time I accept the booking.

For me it would be cool if there was an automatic option (like an autoresponder email) that could do this for me… Or is there???


I have a number of answer sheets I can email, from the specs on our projector to a list of vendors in the community that we’ve worked with (we don’t do “preferred” vendors, but after doing this for a couple of years, I know who I would like to work with if I were renting with me). In addition to the floorplan that’s up in the gallery, I put together a layout suggestion for renters who want to know how many round banquet tables they can fit in our space, etc. The more info I can give, the better (and remember, no one ever reads everything. Alas).

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I have a few answers ready for different inquiries to save time

I have a template that I copy and paste and send to guests the day before their event. This also gives me the opportunity to remind them of the most important rules/watchouts. I also let them know that I have all the info printed out on a handout in our space once they check in.

I include:
Check-in info, including instructions on where to find the key and how to unlock the door
Wifi password
Instructions on connecting to bluetooth speakers
Transit and parking info
Recommended restaurants/coffee shops/attractions within walking distance
Reminders on rules about noise in the building lobby, throwing away trash, and not accessing upstairs area of the loft

Seems there are two categories we are addressing. First is responding to inquiries where we do get the same questions repeatedly, in a variety of forms. I am working toward a template response that addresses each topic in a short paragraph, and I can omit the items that are not relevant. I save it as a Google Document on Google Drive.

Some standard topics for us include: DECORATIONS | TABLES/SEATING | CAPACITY | MUSIC | FOOD | ALCOHOL | PARKING | EARLY ACCESS | SITE VISIT | etc. The beginning and ending paragraphs are personalized.

The second type of FAQ is for guests who have booked. Like others, I have created documents that walk them through details of the space, rules, floorplan, etc. I email as PDFs upon booking, and have them printed in a binder for them in the space.


TEMPLATES with TEXT REPLACEMENT. Since we are often responding to inquiries on our phones, a great resource is using the Text Replacement feature. You can set it up so you can enter a short phrase, and it will automatically be replaced with your longer text. For example, when someone wants to schedule a site visit, they ask for our address. When I type in my response “addressis”, it is replaced with: “May we please have your full name, email address and cell number for our calendar? Then we can send an email with additional information, including the studio address.”

On iPhone, go to Settings / General / Keyboard / Text Replacement. Tap on + and enter your phrase and shortcut. I hope this is useful!


Super helpful, Brad! I was unaware of this feature and am grateful for the tip! I assume this functionality works within the Peerspace iOS app?

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I agree!!! I get tired of having to retype the same messages over and over again. Peerspace, can you please include this feature?

Yes, it does work in the app. It is a keyboard function so it should work anywhere. Think of the things you find yourself writing repeatedly and create shortcuts. It’s even easier than cutting and pasting!


genius tip Brad!
I have a set of about 10 items (address, wifi, basic rules) that I copy/paste every time I approve a booking. They’re in a note by themselves on my phone, so it’s easy to select all and copy without much effort. Then I have a different note for each booking option.
I might try the keyboard shortcut thing too, but the notepad has been working for me very well for over a year now :slight_smile:

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Thanks Lisa. I have been more and more disciplined about working and reworking my text replacement messages, and it is so worth the effort. And mine are mainly to address all the questions that come during the inquiry process, as so many questions are the same. Once they are booked, we email a floorplan and a multi-page document.

Anything you find yourself typing more than a few times, take the moment to make it a phrase for replacement. I even put my email addresses in there, so when I type brad@ it will replace it with brad@bradbuckman.com.

I don’t mind answering the same questions; however, it does get a little inconvenient when I’m in the middle of something and I want to keep my response rate down.

Like @Brad_B, I use templates and text replacement as well.

I turned the “Rules” section on my listing into an FAQ section, but it doesn’t help much when people don’t even read it… no one ever expands the “description” and “rules” sections to read more. I wish our Peerspace listing layout was a little more customizable.

Is it me or is Peerspace severely lacking with the website feature updates?!