I want to take a moment to say Happy New Year, and to offer a thank you to our friends at Peerspace. Three years ago I was creating my first listing on the service, and I had no idea what was ahead. I had recently leased a retail space in Burbank as my new photo studio, and I casually thought I might make the space available to other photographers. After my listing went live, and over the last three years, I have been amazed at the variety of bookings we have had.

Birthday parties, baby showers, influencer events, product launches, documentary interviews, workshops, yoga retreats, pop-up retail, commercials, art exhibitions, holiday parties and on and on. We do some direct rentals, and get the occasional booking from other services, but it is Peerspace who has fueled this new opportunity. I truly enjoy being a host, and working my tail off to ensure my guests have a terrific experience.

This community forum is a great example of how Peerspace raises the bar, listening to hosts, addressing concerns, and creating a space where we can support one another. Normally we come to the forum to discuss our challenges and frustrations, but I wanted to step into a bit of gratitude.

So Thank You to everyone at Peerspace for creating these opportunities for us. I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful holiday break, and I wish us all continued success in this new year, and new decade!!

  • Brad

Hi @Brad_B Brad!!!
Thank you for all of your help as I along with other hosts have learned so much from each other! To a prosperous year for EVERYONE!
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@Brad_B and @Eli_P-

Thanks for the kind words.

I hope that it comes across that we love what we do. We love helping our hosts earn a living or expand their business. We love helping guests find you all. It is amazingly gratifying for us to see the amazing events you create and know we had some (small) part in it.

2019 was great but I am REALLY fired up for 2020. We’ve got big plans for how to improve the service for both hosts and guests.

Please keep communicating to us about how we can help you grow your business. We are listening.

Here’s to a great 2020!

Eric Shoup
CEO Peerspace


Yes, same here. I can only second Brad. Especially the Peerspace customer service has been impeccable. :clap: :clap: :clap:

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