Guests booked my space and I was never notified!

Guests booked my space, received their confirmation (see attached), and turned up to their booking this morning. All the meanwhile I had never been notified of any booking…?? And getting the totally unexpected call from guest at the time of their booking. Is this a typical platform issue?? This was very hard to work around! We ended up having to re-book them on the spot for a later start time!
Thank you!

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Hi @Theo_T,

It appears that you have the Instant booking feature enabled on your listing but you should be receiving notifications for bookings as they come in.

If you no longer want to use the Instant book feature you can turn this off from the listing tab following the step in the article below.

If you are not getting notifications, please reach out to and a member of our Customer Experience team can look into this.


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If I may, I think I know what happened, because this has happened to me before:

The email from Peerspace may have gotten filtered out by his server’s spam filter and may not have even gotten to his email inbox.

@Theo_T: go into your ISP’s account settings and look for a place to ‘whitelist’ the domain. I know how to do this on Siteground, but every host is different.

If you can’t find it, you should be able to call them and have them walk you through the process.

Please make sure to explain what happened to Peerspace so that there won’t be any penalties (it’s important to note that this is rare, but it CAN happen!)


@Deacon_T Well written!

I would even have all of Peerspace’s emails that come in (confirmed, 2day, after booking) emails go to their specific folders automatically so nothing gets “lost” or accidentally read without your action.

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WOW,…this would have freaked me out…its also one of my booking fears but it looks like you handled it well. I would have done the same thing and contact peerspace to see why that happened.

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