Garbage versus personal property: costs and additional fees


I feel that the garbage policy as written up is too vague and is challenging to get additional fees for excessive garbage or items I do not consider garbage. I do not consider cases of water and soda not used to be garbage. I’d like Peerspace to better define what is a hosts garbage responsibility and what is a guests, and also what is a realistic cap on how much the host should be responsible for.

Peerspace will consider clarifying their policy if there is a significant amount of concern from hosts. Have any of you had issues where guests are leaving items for you to clean up, that they don’t or can’t deal with versus is being actual garbage?

I have mostly positive and responsible guests, but I am not getting support from Peerspace based on their current rules where “garbage” is not clearly defined and is subjective. Thoughts? Thanks.


Hi Audrey,

The best thing to do is to have all of it written in your rules section. I added no color bombs ( and now I do not get bothered with the headache. It may be something when they come to scout to explain to them ie bring your own trash bags, clean up, etc.

I believe Peerspace does not get involved in these conversations because of the many factors which are different with every property. The best is to have a onsite person who follows your list of “end of party” procedures. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

You should charge a fee for cleanup if this continues.


Thanks for your feedback! I DO have it in my listing, and the Peerspace rep said their policy overrides it, as stated in their rules. The guest agreed to a small additional fee, and Peerspace blocked it due to their rules. In fact, they said I need to change it from my listing… Yup, yup to all of the above. I am onsite, we had agreements, it’s stated in my listing… I have added an additional fee, and will work it out that way, but I am curious what others experience. Thanks again!


I found trash to be a issue for my large party bookings as well. My most difficult ones left overflowing trash even with multiple large bins put out and huge, sticky spills. It’s not enough for a hauling service like the policy states, but certainly takes up a great deal of our time. A few months ago, I added that it is their responsibility to maintain trash DURING the event and that overflowing trash is prohibited DURING the event as well and must be taken to the dumpster. I make it clear that the booking does not include a busser/wait staff and that it is an additional fee if they want that service. Otherwise, the responsibility falls on them because it is during the booking. If I am not mistaken, our responsibility outlined in the policy follows the booking.