Feature Revison Request: Attendee Pricing


So I just messed up my first try at the attendee pricing. I was assuming the tiers were cumulative. They are not. I find the wording vague and I feel like that could also add confusion for my potential clients.

Example: If it’s 8 people included in the base rate and $50 for the next 8 but if I need 8 more I have to pay an extra $100 plus the $50 for the first 8 and then the base rate too? Which is it?

I have mocked up a way that would make the wording much more clear and wouldn’t require any development. Let me know what you think.

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My understanding is it would be your base rate for the first 8, your base rate + 50 for 9-16, and your base rate + $100 for 17-24

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I agree, this was not clear and I did exactly the same thing before I realized it was an add-on rate 3-days later - adjusting our largest space for 25-100 guests (base of $125/hr) I set the add-on rate to $175/hr making the total $300 instead of $175, clearer wording would help prevent accidental overpricing.

@Brissa I like your proposed revision, but I would add that “Additional Charge per hour” should just be “Charge per hour” so that TOTAL number of attendees is equal to TOTAL price, and should include the base rate at the top so we can see the whole picture while setting rates…the current setup requires hosts to do a lot of awkward math which leads to awkward mistakes.


Hi just emailed Peerspace @Lawrence_A(to the rescue) sent this to me.

"Thank you for reaching out! The way attendee pricing works is the first range you put in is for your base rate so there’s no additional charge.

If a guest books more attendees than your base rate the additional amount per hour applies.

For example with my listing below, I don’t charge more than the hourly base rate if they book up to 24 attendees.

However, if the guest wants to say book for 28 attendees I will add on an extra $25 an hour. So if my hourly rate is $100 an hour and the guest would pay $125 an hour instead of $100."

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@Eli_P I do understand how the feature works. My point is that it’s confusing. I feel like others are confused and that’s not a fundamentally good thing.

Again, my issue is, if I’m a potential client, I look at your table and I think, “Gee, I’m going to have 60 people at my event so I guess that Eli’s base rate of $100 + $25 (25-49) + $50 (50-75). So that’s a grand total of $175 an hour. Hmmm, I wonder if I can find something cheaper.”

To drive this home I feel like people will simply start adding ALL of the additional fees. It seems to me that my hourly rate gets exponentially more expensive. My proposed revison just trys to word things better.

@Christopher_D I like this idea a lot!

@Brissa I like your proposed revision, but I would add that “Additional Charge per hour” should just be “Charge per hour” so that TOTAL number of attendees is equal to TOTAL price”

I just want to to be very easy to read with NO math required and no assumptions being made. It’s way to vague how these rates should be calculated and we’re asking a lot of of the guests. It seems the hosts are confused as well. On my first attempt to use this feature I made a mistake and now I have to eat $300. That really sucks.

Hi @Brissa_Page_M,

Thank you for your feedback. The rate is calculated for the guest when they put in the number of hours and number of attendees based on the pricing rules you have set. The site looks different on the guest-facing in.

For example with @Deacon_T’s listing here:

Deacon has a rate of $99 an hour.

When a guest puts in 15-29 attendees the rate reflects the extra $10 an hour for a total of $109 an hour.

If the guest wants to see the pricing break down they can also click on the question mark and the site summarizes how the new pice is calculated.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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I love it, @Lawrence_A!!! :slight_smile:

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@Lawrence_A I’m glad to hear the feature makes more sense on the buyer side but you didn’t mention anything about it being confusing on the host side. I provided my feedback and others have commented on how it’s unclear for them as well. I’m not asking for an explanation of how it works again as I already learned by trial and error—screwing up a booking and losing $300. Possibly you could just inform the product manager that the host UI is confusing?

Hi @Grace_B, I attempted to dive into Attendee Pricing last night but after one round of testing the feature, I went back to set the correct amounts but when I click ‘Save’ the ‘Save’ button darkens a bit but does NOT save the updates.

So, we currently have inaccurate info posted and no way to change it.



Hi @Graham_M,

Happy to look into this for you. Could you send me an email at help@peerspace.com? In the subject line put Attention Lawrence.


Will do, thanks! :slight_smile:

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