Everyone is asking to stay overnight!

I don’t know what recently happened but I got several people in a row that suddenly want their guests to be able to stay overnight, or rent out the place for several days. Anyone else getting this too? I think they’re confusing my listing with AirBnB. They even assumed I wouldn’t be present!


Ha! I’ve gotten that a few times.

Especially when they think that I won’t be present. The last time it happened, I looked my guest in the eyes and said “It’s a little strange to want privacy from the homeowner while IN the homeowner’s home. If this was your home, would you hand your keys complete strangers, walk away and hope for the best?”

They ended up agreeing with me, haha! :smiley:

Sounds like you’re doing things right!


It’s happened to me and in waves. When I was on Airbnb, they wanted to book photo shoots, I’d tell them that’s not what Airbnb is for and to book thru Peerspace. I’ve had people on Peerspace want to book to have a weekend escape. None of the people ever booked the proper way, they were obviously trying to “save” money.

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It happened again right now!

What the *** is going on, just this year, and just the latest inquiries. Everyone wants to stay overnight with their friends! And barely pay anything extra. One family wanted a whole week and even wanted the whole house to themselves for a huge party.

What is going on with this sudden overnight trend? I’m going insane here. There has to be an explanation.

Mmmmmmm I would be careful about overnight you would be crossing over to a different kind of service.