Declined booking request

Guest who booking request I deny are complaining about their cards still being charged (days later) is there a way Peerspace can let guest know that host have no control over this.

Hi @Dominique_P,

Someone from Peerspace will know better you can email them the client’s name and tell you the status of the refund.

As to my best knowledge, Peerspace at the time of inquiry takes the amount out of their account. Once you decline the inquiry takes 2-3 business days to clear and go into their account. If you sent a custom offer that may delay the initial inquiry as well. I know its frustrating to the customer but this is how their merchant works.

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I just wanted to echo that I have also had guests appeal to me to change terms or ask if I can do something different with the billing and I always have to explain that it’s not in my control. They usually will then come back thinking I’m trying to negotiate and that’s when I have to explain that we’re like Uber drivers and the terms are baked into the platform.

Please make it more clear to guests that PeerSpace is handling the terms and billing and the hosts are simply providing the location.


Hi @Brissa_Page_M Brissa,

What is the difference in billing?