Charity Event Bookings

How do you handle charity bookings. We want to help our community where possible. We were asked by an organization to “donate” our space for a toy drive. Does this need to be booked through Peerspace? If there is no money changing hands, does Peerspace’s insurance still cover the booking? How do we approve a booking for $0.00?

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Yes I have taken an official charity once for a women’s group. The charity rental provided me with an actual tax form and their ID which allowed me to take the donation legally as a deduction. I explained and requested it in advance to Peerspace and they were very accommodating. I am not sure if Peerspace waived the service fee or not but even if they charged it would be minor.
Robert Reiff
MagicLight Studio

Hi Robert,

Is there a way you can send me a sample of the two documents?
If you can not upload the pictures let me know.
Thank you.

Hi Eli
It was years ago so I don’t have a copy handy. You can just google tax forms for charitable donation of services or something to that effect.

Good luck.

Robert Reiff

MagicLight Productions

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@Eli_P our venue is both a fundraising arm to our charity as well as something we donate to charities that meet our mission guidelines. We also offer a reduced rate to non-profits that do not match our mission but are doing good work and need the venue for their own fundraising efforts. We simply ask for a letter of request on letterhead from their organization as well as copy of their “Letter of Ruling”, which is simply a copy of the letter the organization receives from the IRS stating they have been approved to conduct business as a non-profit organization and will notate their Business EIN which is also their non-profit “number” of sorts.

After that, we honor the inquiry through the Peerspace platform by continuing the booking/donation through the platform and by offering custom pricing, I always contact the help desk to let them know when we are waiving a fee or adjusting our rate to a lower one, so that they know why.

Hope this helps.


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Hi @Ayesha_W

Thanks for providing this information. Very useful

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