Change Passwords


Hello all!

I just came across a situation regarding change of passwords for my Peerspace account and I thought I would share.

I personally manage several spaces and I have a small team of people working with me. My team has, of course, access to all spaces-related passwords. I’m a little bit concerned how easily the password can be changed without any type of security process to make sure the owner of the account is really the person requesting the password change.

I think it would be great to create a system so only the owner of the account can really change the password and we avoid any potential surprises or identity theft.


Thank you


You can share the passwords or just let them have access to it but not see it.
Worth the yearly subscription.


Good question. We designed Peerspace to be used as a peer to peer system where only one person owns or maintains access to an account at a time. Over time, we’ve seen that some hosts allow access to multiple people for administrative purposes. We’re definitely thinking about ways to make managing accounts and spaces easier for hosts who operate multiple spaces or employ teams to assist with their hosting. In the meantime, I think the suggestion @Eli_P mentions would be a great solution for those who are worried about the integrity of their account when they choose to share access with others. Please be careful if you choose to let multiple people use your account.


Thank you @Eli_P, will take a look into it!


Thank you @Matthew_B for the detailed answer! Looking forward to some improvements in that respect in the future!