Email Addresses and Sharing Peerspace Contact

Hi all - the space I host is a well established business with partners and employees. We listed on Peerspace when some of our customers told us that they’ve been using the service to find locations, and it’s been working fine so far.

We have an established and flexible workflow that lets us share information; it’s a combination of e-mail, slack, Daylite, and face to face communication. Slack is especially handy.

Peerspace seems to be configured for a single individual as the host - this works fine if I’m around all the time. I can hand off information to the other channels. However, I’m leaving the country in about 2 weeks for about two months. The space is still here, and I want to maintain my listing etc.

How can I do this? Peerspace doesn’t have any provision for either changing the email address or adding a second email address. There’s no way to add a second phone number. I don’t want to hand off my email account to a colleague nor do I want to reverify the phone number. I’m a little more comfortable giving colleagues the Peerspace login, but that doesn’t solve the email or phone number problem.

Is there a way to resolve this?

Hi Ted,

I feel your pain. I have been able to change the email address by sending a request to and they’ve taken care of it quickly. When you return, I’m sure they would be able to change it back to the original email as well. Hopefully there will be a way to add a 2nd email or phone in the future, that would be helpful for those that have a team to assist in the bookings. Have a great trip!

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In the short term, perhaps email messages from Peerspace can be filtered and forwarded to an additional address? You could implement that now and see how it works before you leave.

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Thanks Brad, I had tried that both at the server level and in my mail program, and Peerspace creates a unique email for every request/sender/etc so it was unreliable even with wildcards.

I emailed as Courtney_Z suggested and had the email address changed, so that will work for now. They were very responsive.

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I’m able to configure my host to forward mails to a second address at the host level. Siteground makes this fairly easy, but I’m not sure about other webhosts (but it’s definitely worth asking your webhost!) You can also do this fairly easy on Outlook via rules, but forwarding at the application level requires that a workstation be left running and connected to the Internet.

Hi @Ted_H,

If you have multiple people managing your account it might be helpful to set up a group email. If you use Gmail for your email client this process is fairly simple and could be a better workaround than changing your email multiple times. I’ve included a link below to the steps if you want to give this a try.


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Thanks Lawrence, what I’ve done is create an email address that forwards at the server level to a Slack channel so that every person in the organization involved can see that there is a message. It doesn’t get around the fact that I still have to share the Peerspace password to the rest of the team so that they can log in and respond if necessary. I generally see password sharing as a security risk, but the team is small enough for now that I’m willing to accept it.

Hi @Ted_H, a group email would probably be the better option as the whole team wouldn’t need the password they could just accept or decline or respond to messages through the group email. For example, you could make a group email that is and those emails will forward to everyone on your team that you add to the group email.

Any other task like adjusting bookings or custom pricing you would probably need to log in for that but just responding to messages and accepting requests should be covered.