Amenities vs Features vs “included with”

Amenities vs Features vs “included with”

On the “listing” backend, all we have is a section that says amenities, but the client sees “amenities” and “features” where amenities are included with the booking, and some unknown process decides what counts as an amenity and what counts as a feature.

This is not differentiated on the listings back-end, and we were not clearly informed about this update, so I am now arguing with a client over a projector rental she claims is included. I had to search my space on the platform to see what she was talking about…

I list our projector in Amenities and list it’s price in our rules but I was unaware that the projector shows up as “included with your booking” and my client doesn’t understand why she has to pay for it.

I can’t find any note in my Peerspace communications that the site would begin differentiating between amenities and features. Originally we were all told to list amenities and then write that they cost more in the rules section, so that’s what we did, but now that it says “included” I’m fighting over an add-on.

We appreciate the added detail, but we can’t see the distinction on the backend, so we have no idea what we’re listing as “included” and just as “available at the space”.

Please make the backend identical to the front end.


I am sharing your frustration with this as well. At the current moment, we can’t even remove amenities. My amenities say that I provide Public Transportation which is insane that I have to pick someone up now.

Peerspace, can we please make adjustments.

Hi Johnny,
To edit your amenities, go to your “Listings” tab and click “Edit” on the listing you’d like to make changes to. Then scroll down to “Amenities” and unselect “Public Transportation”

Thanks. You guys already let us know that we aren’t able to do it ourselves. You guys had to make the change for us. It’s ok. Just please let us know when we can fix these types of bugs.
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