Account questions


I have only had a handful of reservations from this site so I am fairly unfamiliar and there seems to be no support from the company. Can someone please answer a few questions?
Can I snooze a listing- not delete completely but take out of search?
Can I change email address on the account?
I have a maximum number of people set up however multiple bookers have told me there were given a different much higher maximum when they were putting their request in

Thank you

If you would like to have the email updated on your account you can email the customer experience team at any time at

You can send Peerspace a request to freeze your account if it’s going to be unavailable for a lengthy timeframe and then it won’t show up in search results during that time.

Hey @Alex_D,

I have not changed my email so the best thing to do is email (they usually email you back quickly, if not they will during business hours).

In regards to setting up your max amount of people: Go into each category(production, meetings, events) and edit the total people allowed. If you can not find it let me know I will send screenshots.

Thank you. I emailed them with all these questions including the request several days ago and no response so far

Thank you, I know exactly how to do it and it is showing to be correct. But several sets of potential bookers reported that it was higher

Try to use a separate browser without logging in and see what the pricing is. They might see your cleaning fee or the Peerspace fee(to the client), addons etc.