20% Coupon offer?

I had two inquiries today ask me about a 20% coupon they received for booking before June 30th. Does anyone know what this is about and where the discount is coming from? I asked one to send me the email so I could see it but she just copied and pasted a sentence or two so I couldn’t see where it was coming from. Any thoughts?

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Hey @Courtney_Z,

Peerspace provides a discount to their audience from time to time and not everyone. You won’t have to worry about it because it is an internal discount(you will not lose the funds from your booking).

I hope they book!


Hi Courtney,

This promo comes from our Peerspace marketing team. It doesn’t reduce the amount you will receive on your end it just lowers the amount that is paid on the guest in. When they click the link from the email it will automatically apply to the booking. If the guest is having trouble adding this to their account let them know they can reach out to our Customer Experience team and forward the email.



Nice, thank you for the clarification Lawrence. Appreciate you!

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