Workshops: shouldn't these be 'event' bookings?

Just a quick thought about workshops - when a prospective renter types ‘workshop’ in their desired activity on the front page of Peerspace, the ‘off-site’ listings come up.

I’ve always wondered about that, as I would think that a workshop with a teacher and students not from the same company would fall under the umbrella of an ‘event’.

I had always thought of off-sites as company gatherings, such as internal meetings or corporate retreats.

It occurred to me that I have inadvertently booked a few workshops at the off-site rate and didn’t realize it until after the rental was over.

Worse still, our policies for off-sites are slightly different than that of events, such as requiring insurance for all events, but not necessarily off-sites.


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Yes, I think the system is a bit confusing. I have a different price for events as opposed to film and shoot productions and when the client comes across the two listings, they try to go with the cheaper one.

I always have to explain this and now I’ve just omitted it as an option.

I would love to know more about how this works and how best to manage it.



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