PPP Loan Survey - Anybody get anything yet?

I just wanted to see how many of us are getting PPP loans and if so how much was approved. Please DO NOT mention the name of your bank or lender and only answer if you’re willing to be honest and share the offer amount. Please include your business classification, ie sole proprietor, corp, independent contractor, etc. your number of employees and/or monthly expenses that you claimed on your application. I’ll start!

Sole proprietor
No additional employees
Claimed $5000 per month - Rent and utilities (Loan should have been equal to 2.5 months)

Approved for - $1086.00

I was approved for a PPP loan through Peerspace/Kabbage, but haven’t received it yet. I have a small bar with three people on payroll with about $8,600 per month in payroll. Kabbage tells me I’m likely to get $23,000. No idea how they determined that, and no idea if that’s what I’ll actually get.

As I’m in NYC with no chance of opening in the near future, I’m not even sure I should accept it, as the rules around it are prohibitive.

It’s supposed to be 2.5 months of payroll so that’s not quite $23000, but close. Please let us know how much it ends up being. Thanks for sharing!

Still haven’t received it, but there’s been correspondence so I figure it’ll happen soon enough. Hoping all the changes our industry is requesting will go through before I need to spend it, however!