NEW? Book or Decline button changes the game in response time?

Is this a new feature? It was working so well to reply and discuss before accepting a client. This seems to veil who we are working with or pressure us to accept too soon or risk compromising response rates? So even if we answer or message the guest we have to accept booking or decline in 2 biz days in order to not lose our response rate?

@Grace_B @Rony_C Just resending this to both of you to find out how to answer a potential client in time.

Hey @Trish_H,

I’d be happy to help!

Are you wondering if you have to accept or decline a booking request, even if you’ve messaged them, to protect your response rate? If so, this is correct. A booking request puts a hold on the guest’s credit card, so we ask that hosts accept or decline every request to ensure a better booking experience and unnecessary holds.

This article does a good job of laying out best practices when it comes to booking requests and how to easily avoid expired bookings - hopefully it helps!

To understand the metrics associated with responsiveness, see here. If you have any other questions, our Customer Experience team is much quicker to respond and would be glad to assist. You can reach them at or (415) 403-2421.