Longer-term space requests

I have a space that has four rooms plus a waiting area. Now that I am traveling more, there is space to have someone use one of the rooms on a more full-time longer term booking. Any thoughts about how to go about listing that option? Advertising that option?
thanks so much

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Peerspace does not specifically advertise for long term rentals (more than 1 day) but you can add it into your description if someone wants to rent the room out they can for a specific price. Do you have the additional rooms as separate listings or one big listing?

Thanks so much for your quick response. Yes, I have them all as separate listings but I will go back and adjust the listings as you suggest. Thanks so much!

That’s a tough one. Are you thinking more of an overnight term, if so that sounds more like an airbnb thing.

I would also have a separate listing to include ALL studios, PLEASE keep in mind you will have to manage this correctly to not double book the rooms.

Also add in your description that they can rent the room out for a specific rate.

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Gosh thank you so much for your help ! Appreciate it a lot

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Hello to everyone. I, too has been wondering about long term space rental as filming a movie often requires more than a day. Filming a feature film requires ton of equipments not easily carried in and out after a long day. Sometimes the film location is remote and hard or treacherous to get to. Has anyone came across this situation:

  1. When the film location has limited lodging (or nonexistent)in the area and the crew would like to stay overnight at the home they’re filming to watch over their expensive equipments and for convenience and safety?
  2. Peerspace advertises for day use but like the scénario described, can the host add lodging cost at the “add on” customized feature with a separate charge for the total number of nights? Or can the host create a short term tenant rental contract (for ex. less than 30 days)?. Just an FYI: I have a commercial policy and personal liability policy already in place before I came across Peerspace. Any comments or input is very much appreciated. Thank you.