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Hi everybody,
I have a difficult time explaining to hosts that request a quote that their “6pm-9pm” party does not include load in and load out. Most hosts do not think to tack on two hours in front for load in/ set up, and one hour on the back for load out/clean… and then their quote is almost doubled from what Peerspace shows them.

I have explained it clearly in the description, but does anybody else have a best practice that has proved successful for this?


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I’ve often had this issue. Its why we started to say that the minimum was 8hrs in our profile so when someone said “can I do fewer than 8hrs” we would reply to ask them what times they were thinking. If they said 6-9p, we reply back and say "Great, so you want the caterer, vendors and set up crew to arrive at 4pm and then guests start to arrive at 5:45 or so with last call at 8:30pm, guests all out at 9:15pm and clean up/caterer and vendors out by 11pm. We can do that timeline for $XXXX. Yes, it involves more discussions, but allows for more clarity on both sides. I hope that helps!



You have to keep beating the gong. In our description it says “all rental times must include load-in and clear-out.” And I repeat it when they book–in the nicest sort of “make sure that you check with your caterer to ensure that if they arrive to set up at the start of your rental they will have enough time for their prep.” And then, when the caterer is chosen (we request contact info for the caterer) I call up–if they don’t reach out to me first–and point out that they can arrive anytime after the rental starts. This puts the onus on the caterer to call up and say “I’m sorry, we can’t do a sit-down-dinner for 50 if we’re only allowed in ten minutes before dinner.”

Most people genuinely forget that an event takes time and setup. I’ve had people say “so I figure I’ll drop by at 4…” when their rental starts at 6, and I’ve had to remind them of the rules.

Sigh. As Paul says above, clarity is key. If you have to say the same thing fifteen times before the event, that still saves having a scene during or after the event.



Thanks Madeleine! At least I know I am in good company! I get that all the time too…

Them: “What’s the earliest time I can come on that day?”
Me: “Umm…the time you purchased…”



Yes, I would day that is the main issue with all rentals

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You can write please respect our time as we respect yours. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: