Cleaning fee price range

How much are you charging for a cleaning fee? I’d like to add one to my listing but have no idea of the range.
Thank you!

We were doing $75, but thinking $125 now with more careful sanitizing. Our space is 1,900 sq ft and we have to do a thorough clean before and after.

It can vary with the event, parties with food and alcohol are the worst. But that said, we had a company meeting in the space, so you assume minimal cleaning after (pre-COVID). By the trash bin, it looked like people we tossing their coffee from across the room, splattered all over the wall. White wall, had to clean and paint.

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I think it depends on the city and on the size of your place. Ours is in Seattle which is more expensive. It is 2400 Sq feet and when we hire a cleaner to come they charge us $175 so that is the fee I charge. You may want to hire a cleaner to come once and then use that amount as your cleaning fee amount for your listing.


I’ve always charged $150. I would actually like to raise it, but am not sure how it will be received.

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