Anyone have tips for reducing plastic consumption in your space?

Hi Hosts!

This is Umair Kabani and I’m the Head of Global Expansion for Peerspace. Over the past few years, we’ve seen hosts add spaces in hundreds of cities. In fact, we just topped 20,000 listings nationwide. As our presence grows, we want to be intentional about making a positive impact in our industry.

As a past Peerspace host myself, I know how much plastic waste a single event can create …and that a large percentage of that waste ends up in our oceans and on our beaches.

So, in honor of World Ocean Day, I want to share three easy ways I’ve found to reduce plastic consumption in my space. I’d love to hear tips from others in the community if this is something you’re passionate about too!

  1. Ditch the Plastic Straws

What you can do: Go to and type bamboo straws or glass reusable straws. Here are some glass, and some bamboo options.

  1. Choose Reusable or Metal Cutlery

What you can do: Go to your nearest Bed Bath and Beyond or Party City and you can find many options there. Or alternatively, Amazon has many great options.

  1. Glass cups > Plastic

What you can do: Check out your local Target or Walmart for many options here. And of course, Amazon has great options.

Remember, your choice matters!

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Dear Umair,
Thank you for sharing.
With the same idea in mind, I had updated my listing a few weeks ago. In my experience as an Executive Producer and a seasoned host, there are tons of single-serve water bottles on set. The majority of them have one or two sips taken and just left. This is just an atrocity.
I have taken it upon myself to buy a Berkey Water Filter and provide water onset at my home. Crews now bring their own water bottles and refill.
Check out my listing. I encourage others to do the same. The investment on your end will help the environment. Every little bit helps.
My best,


For our small space (3500 sq/ft) we:

  • Stockpile unused/sealed compostable and disposable utensils left by groups and keep them in the coffee station for others to use.

  • Provide washable mugs with our logo - this helps reduce cup waste and also adds a nice branding touch.

  • And we’ve added a water filter to the faucets which helps us limit how and when we provide plastic water bottles to clients.


We love this as we also been brainstorming a lot lately how to find ways to reduce our reservations plastic print.

We started trying the same Berkey Water Filter @Erika_A_W suggests in one of our locations and it’s been such a success that we are planning to get at least one for each location.

We also added specifics instructions in our Welcome Kit on how to use the three type of trash cans we have in our spaces (one for blue trash bags, another one for black trash bangs, and another one for transparent trash bags) and recommend our clients to share the info with their teams and/or guests. Our site reps also give a quick tutorial at the beginning of each reservation so everybody understand what goes in where.

Thank you

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