More detailed reports on bookings/payouts by month

Hi, I know that I can view pay-outs on an ongoing basis on the Payments page as a running list. It would be very useful to see that information either rolled up to show the total $ amount of payouts month-to-date (without downloading the CSV), or (even better), payouts to date + total booked amount through the end of the month. E.g:

January total pay-outs to date: $500
January total bookings: $1000

I try to get a sense throughout the month for how we are pacing against our goals, and this would be very helpful to track more easily. Currently, I go through the Bookings tab and manually add up everything in there a few times a month to see where we are at, but it’s easy to miss something.

Apologies if something like this already exists somewhere and I’ve missed it!

Thank you

Hi @Aaron_S1,

Peerspace pays 3 days after the booking(I believe) and if it falls on a weekend you would have to wait an up to 2 days after. I would reconcile every week so you have a grasp on everything.

Thanks Eli, that’s a good tip!

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