Cropping of Cover Photo

I have set a standard of posting all my photos at a 16:9 ratio. I was just looking at my cover photo and the image displayed is a horizontal slice of my photo.

It looks like the crop begins at the top left corner, so the emphasis in the photo is on my ceiling. I would love for the crop to be taken from the center of the image.

Another option would be to give us specs and let us create an image specifically for the cover image.



Hi @Brad_B. Where are you seeing the cropping happen? I looked at your cover photo on the search results as well as your listing page on both desktop and mobile, but I’m not seeing the cropping you’re describing.

Hi Victor, thank you for looking. When I look at my Event listing on (Google Chrome on MacBook Pro), the cover photo is a letterboxed version of the full image. When you click on the cover image and go to the slide show there is additional image area at top and bottom. It feels different now than when I posted back in November, don’t know if something has changed.

At the time, it looked like the image started at the top, and only the bottom of the image was cropped, resulting in a top-heavy photo. Now it looks like the crop is from the center, more balanced.

Hi Brad,
The listing page automatically chooses the most interesting part of the photo to focus on so it really depends on the image you select. Hope this helps.

Agreed, I’d love to choose which portion of the photo shows, as it’s randomly cropped currently.

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