15% commission on cleaning fees - why?


Hello Peerspace community,

I would like to understand why Peerspace charges 15% commission on cleaning fees.
We personally don’t do any business on cleaning fees - what is indicated in our listing for cleaning is what we pay to our cleaning team.

Thank you


Hi @Eduard_M! Great question. This is definitely a topic that many hosts have when it comes to hosting on Peerspace.

Our 15% fee is standard across the board for any hosting-related transaction—whether that’s for space rental, overtime, or cleaning.

We’ve built our marketplace to provide a safe place for hosts and guests to interact. We capture a standardized fee in exchange for the trust & safety that is provided to you when hosting on Peerspace.

You can choose to use the ‘cleaning fee’ feature which automatically adds the fee to the sub-total upon checkout, or you can choose to price it out separately and charge for it after the booking has been accepted. In either case, you should set your cleaning fee at a rate that allows you to be compensated fairly (with our 15% in mind).

We’ve also chosen to apply 15% to cleaning fees to prevent scenarios where hosts charge little money for booking the space (and a lot of money for cleaning) in order to maximize their payout.

I hope this helps!


Makes sense. In other words, if they didn’t charge a fee for cleaning, hosts would game the system. That’s the real answer and it makes total sense.


Hi @Spencer! Thank you for clarifying! Makes total sense!