Will there soon be a “San Diego Area Hosts Group?”


This is certainly for the Peerspace admins And I am wondering if you plan to open up San Diego as an area for a hosts? Right now I’m grouped with LA and while LA is wonderful, San Diego is a whole different flavor and is separated be by a whole other county. It goes like this:

LA County (4700 sq miles)
Orange County + Camp Pendleton (600 sq miles)
and then San Diego County (4600 sq miles)

San Diego is more of a relaxed, beachy, outdoorsy, nature-filled county.

You see, it saves me (us) from having to proclaim:
No, we are not near Disneyland, Universal Studios, Santa Monica, Hollywood nor Rodeo Drive and, they are anywhere from 2 hours to 4 hours driving distance.

Yes, we do boast the Wild Animal Park, Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo, USS Midway Museum, Seaworld, the Hotel del Coronado, border both Temecula Wine Country and Baja California.
Plus, we don’t abbreviate our city name.



Hi Patricia! Excited to have you as part of our host community in San Diego :smile:

Great feedback—we are in the midst of creating a “San Diego Hosts” group that you will become a part of as soon as it’s made so that you can connect with other hosts in your area.

That said, I’m having trouble seeing that you’ve already been added to the “Los Angeles Hosts” group on the site. Can you tell me a little bit more about where you are seeing this?


I can’t quite remember and will update you when I see it again. Running out the door now.
Thanks for the response!


Sounds great! Feel free to message me with the info. Thanks Patricia!



Hi @Patricia_H! Just following up here to close the loop - you’ve been officially added to the San Diego Area Hosts group. Happy posting!