"Will Alcohol Be Consumed" Yes/No button when clients book

Hi, I’ve got a drama on my hands because of the button that asks if alcohol will be consumed. We don’t allow alcohol, but if they check yes, it lets them book anyway. How do I change the text to let them know alcohol is prohibited?

I denied a booking who said he was bringing alcohol and he’s making a HUGE issue out of this because he feels baited that the question was even there.


Hi @Tiffany_B, thanks for sharing your feedback. While we do not have a feature for this today, we have been thinking about how to make certain rules standardized (i.e. if you check “alcohol not permitted onsite”, it does not allow you to receive bookings for this). In the meantime, the best thing you can do is make it very clear in your Rules section of your listing that alcohol cannot be brought into the space.

Note that the guest is required to be truthful about their intentions. If they checked “no” for alcohol, then brought it, you would be within you rights to cancel the booking for that reason and the Peerspace team would assist you in handling with dispute with the guest.

Hope that helps, please use this opportunity to review your listings with this rule in mind.