Why can't you have seperate space titles for the same address?

So I had (past tense) two listings (just deleted the second room minutes ago) on Peerspace for two separate rooms at my studio. I decided to delete the less rented one because the space titles were the same whenever I tried doing an add-on or manually blocking time out of the calendar. Even though the two listings had separate listing titles, the same exact space title would come up for both so I had no clue which one I was updating and it was seriously beyond frustrating.

I talked to Peerspace support, prior to deleting my other listing, to see if there was any way I could create a new space title per rental, and they informed me that it can’t be done. You actually cannot even edit the existing space title you started with… so odd. When I was on the call with support, I suggested that they allow hosts with one address to host multiple space titles to their listing titles so that hosts can better navigate the platform. As usual, the support rep redirected me to post on here as they do not take those suggestions directly to the engineers, so that is what I’m doing now.

I have two more rooms ready to go up on Peerspace, but I cannot bring myself to it because of this issue. Devs, can we make this change? I feel like I cannot be the only one dealing with multiple spaces to the same address on here.

Thanks so much!

I was planning to do the same so I find this post interesting. If you had one address as is and the other one #2 I wonder if it would work.

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maybe the devs will tell us since that’s what I was instructed to do by support. :confused: