What do you want to learn at our next community event?

Hey host community!

Exciting news - we’re gearing up to launch our Community Events Program! From intimate fireside chats to Q&A sessions, these events will connect you with fellow Peerspace members in your area for meaningful peer-to-peer discussion.

As we continue to build the program out, we want to ensure events are relevant and speak to your shared experiences. Of the topics below, which ones would you be most excited about?

  • Bring a friend! Become a Peerspace Host (Referral Program)
  • How to get your first five-star review
  • Production 101
  • Host Safety 101
  • Hosting Outside of the Box
  • Instant Book - Is it for me?
  • Smoother Bookings with Peerspace Concierge
  • Hosting Events with Alcohol
  • The Secret to Turnkey Offsite Bookings
  • Networking Meetup

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PS, if you have any ideas of your own, please feel free to share!


Hi Grace,

These are wonderful questions! Thank you!

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My vote goes to host safety.

I had a couple of extremely bad (and one pretty scary) incident on a different platform from Peerspace and I have spent quite a bit of time and expense on security, developing policy to protect us and our homes, etc!

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‘Production 101’ would be useful and ‘Hosting Outside the Box’ sounds very interesting.
I also think that ‘Instant Booking, Is It For Me?’ and a ‘Networking meetup’ would be a good idea.

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Thanks for your input, @Skira_M! We’re really excited to bring these events to life in the near future.