VERY last chance to join the next Peerspace community event!

Get the last remaining tickets here:

Hey everyone, Deacon again!

So this morning I sent an email about our next community event and tickets sold out so darn fast and I received so many emails that I had to add in another 20 tickets!

As of right now, there are only FIVE MORE TICKETS available for our Host Safety Workshop on June 4th and those tickets WILL be gone by tonight!

Get yours here:

It’s going to be an AMAZING event - a real ‘barn burner’ (I’ve waited all my life to use that term) as I talk about the issues of ensuring a safe rental, protecting your personal property during a rental, filing insurance claims, protecting your reputation, etc.

Some of this we learned the hard way as hosts and some of this knowledge has been acquired from over 20 years of being in business, but my only horse in this game as your Chapter Leader is to help the community. I’m not being paid by Peerspace, nor am I employed by Peerspace, but we have had such a life changing, positive experience as hosts on Peerspace that I want everyone to share in the joy and avoid any potential hurdles in the process.

Did I mention that there’s going to be authentic homemade Mexican food?

Peace, love and recycle (and a big high five to anyone that remembers what show that line was from) and we’ll see you soon!


Would just love to add that all host events are FREE to attend! :smiley:


YES! high fives Matthew :slight_smile:

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Deacon will have a lot of information to provide everyone!

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@Deacon_T Are you going to film the event? I’m very interested in the content of your workshop, so if you do, please, send us the link so we can all learn from your expertise.

Thank you

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Thank you and I definitely am recording it, brother! :slight_smile: