Threats from a guest

Has any one experienced angry people that threaten you because you would not book with them?

Peer space has not gotten back to me about it but I’m a little worried.
I book events and shoots for my local church and I had a guy want to book it for a music video. His production didn’t meet our time minimum and insurance requirements so he ghosted me only to pop back up a few weeks later demanding I book him for his short amount of time. I told him that the communication wasn’t great and that it’s too short of notice and he doesn’t meet all our requirements.

Now he says he knows where my location is and he’s going to have his friend book it so the he can sneak up on me and I’ll pay for wasting his time.

This is insane! What should I do?

Call the police and file a report.

People who make threats rarely follow through with them (it’s the ones that say nothing that you should be afraid of) but it is technically a ‘terrorist threat’ that the authorities will take very seriously.

After you file the report, the police can go through the proper channels to get this person’s identity from Peerspace and I would strongly suggest that you file a restraining order, which the police will walk you through.

Sorry that happened!


I just want it so he is removed from your platform and can’t contact me again

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Hi Michael,

Our Trust and Safety team has suspended the guest from the platform for violating our Community Guidelines. We take violations seriously and appreciate you bringing this to our attention.



Peerspace got on them like lightning!
Cover your bases though and please file that police report. If the threat was that his friend was going to rent your space, the problem is that you don’t know who his friend is.

File the report and really push for a restraining order!


I would like to speak to a real person in charge here. This is in unacceptable and your advice is nonsense

I don’t even work for Peerspace, I was just another host trying to lend a hand.


Omg, Deacon stop being a nice guy🤦🏽‍♀️

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Thanks for your feedback, Deacon. MIchael, I would love to hear feedback on the police response.

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Thank you @Grace_B for your help!
@Deacon_T is only helping, it is at your discretion what you chose to do with the information.


hahaha With the amount of times I get attacked or argued with, sometime I may need to take your advice! Deacon tries to put on an angry face and totally fails :smiley: :smiley: