The first Silicon Valley Chapter meeting is upon us!

Don’t forget! Next week is our first meet n greet for Silicon Valley hosts. We’ll be familiarizing ourselves with the community and having a brief discussion about topics we’d like to see at our next meetups.

I’d like very much to make these a valuable series of events for this community of entrepreneurs so whether you want to have a fireside chat with the SVO, or a panel discussion by local vendors, or a workshop on contract & insurance best practices, let me know during the discussion and we’ll make some great things happen.

We all own unique venues and have plenty to teach each other so I hope to see you in attendance.

If you’d like to offer your space or services for a future meetup, please feel free to reach out to me directly.


Can’t wait to meet you and other hosts Chris. Very excited about the @silicon-valley-hosts community! The event looks awesome and just registered my ticket.


I have been trying to reach Christopher to add 3 more guest. I am host Mickelin Burnes-Browne. I would like to add their names or should I gust bring them.

Hi @Mickelin_B, you can have them register here.


My apologies, I don’t see any missed emails, what method were you using to contact me? I did have a few glitches with my account at first so there may be something still in need of remedy.