Technical website issue

hi: for the past week or so I found that my listings (I have many spaces) are not accessible. I can only edit them but they don’t have public views now. I reached out for help, support will get to it when they can. I know they had layoffs, etc and this is a very hard time. I’d just hope my locations can get back up soon for future bookings. Anyone else having tech issues on the site now? Thanks!

Hi Claudia, I just checked our listing of our multiple spaces and we’re still there. Have you tried clearing your cache, browsing history or cookies? Or try incognito. Just a suggestion. Also, are you still able to gather and accept bookings at your location? We are totally shut down here.

Hi Claudia,
Can you try going to your “Listings” page and clicking “edit” on either Meetings, Media productions, or events, and then clicking “Preview” in the upper right of the next screen?

Thanks Victor, appreciate the tip. I have like 70 listings - so I’d have to go into each one and try this? Claudia

When I choose one listing and click on edit, I get a list of the items about the space I don’t see what you’re referring to. There is no public view on any of them now.

Can you screenshot here?

Can you try clicking the share icon and select “copy link”. And then paste that into your browser to see if your listing is live?

Thanks Victor. Just did that on one location and it is live! So then I’m good to go? They just look as if not active as there’s no longer a Public View? Appreciate your ideas so much. Claudia

Yup, as long as your spaces don’t explicitly show a status like “Pending” “Disabled” etc, then they are live.

Ok great. So then do clients need to copy and paste each link to view my spaces now? Is this a bug or just a change? Thanks so much again. Claudia