Take caution with same day bookings!

Most clients usually want to see my space in person before booking. However, the rare occasions when someone has attempted to book same day with no visit has been problematic. There have been underage kids attempting to host parties with alcohol and drugs. Some assume that I won’t be present during the rental. Anyone else run into this issue?

Good call and it should be definitely noted! I always know when I get a same day booking, or even 1 or 2 days before, that I should proceed with extreme caution. Most of the time it ends up a sketchy conversation via messaging, and I only accepted a same day booking with someone who had used the space before.


Wow, not fun! I have accepted bookings 1 to 2 days before the scheduled shoot day. Both experiences were great, one guest lost their location the day prior so they were so thankful we hosted them in a pinch. We just try to have as much conversation as possible prior, so everything is out on the table. If guests are vague in their initial inquiry I definitely dig for details.


As a business that operates more like venues, this happens a lot with fraternity parties. It’s pretty easy to spot though. In general, last minute bookings can and do happen, but one definitely needs to be present.


I will do same day bookings in my photo studio. But they will have to answer a few questions in order to get confirmed. Also I am here during the rental time.



The frat party inquiries are the funniest. “I’m looking for a venue for our professional organization’s holiday party.” Yeah right, you want a place to trash for your engineering fraternity winter formals etc. I was in college once too…I remember. No, thank you.

I don’t mind the last minute things that are photo/ video shoots but last minute parties are a red flag…unless there is unexpected rain or something.

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Hey @Justine_U, great to see you here! And I agree, the university “professional organizations” are the funniest. Just say no. Hope to see you guys soon!


I always tell the college kids, “try Brad’s studio, he love’s college parties.” JK. :wink: Let’s try to get together again soon!