Showing the space prior to a booking

What is the best way to arrange a showing prior to a booking?
I’ve had a few inquiries wanting to see my space prior to booking. Can I arrange a no charge showing on peerspace or should I arrange the showing outside of peerspace.


We use Calendly to book site visits, and site visits are mandatory on our end – we don’t book without them unless it’s an existing customer. Too much risk.


Thank you for the prompt response Keith. What is Calendly?

We keep a standard response email that says the following:
Let me know if you would like to come take a look and discuss. Our showings are by appointment only, generally Mon-Fri 10am-5pm. In the meantime, please look at our Facebook and Instagram pages for past events #thehiveonhubbard.
You don’t schedule showings through Peerspace and you want to ensure that you provide the guest with only options that work well for you and don’t give them unlimited options or they may take advantage.


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Man are you right about taking advantage. We’ve had THREE previews with the entire production team for more than one hour each (no charge) for a 3 hour booking. …sigh… I need some guidance on these previews. They show up with the entire production team, have a meeting in the living room, all 14 people immediately need to use the restroom. One guy blew it up the bath room so bad it smelled for 4 hours. (not even kidding).


This is why I hate site viewings and I am immediately suspicious when someone INSISTS on doing a walkthrough when we have great pictures, a floor plan and a video walkthrough.

Sometimes it’s fine and the people are just tire kickers or looking for Pinterest ideas, but sometimes they stay for entire hours and plan our their entire shoot free of charge.

I used to tell people that I would schedule a 15 minute walkthrough, but now I just schedule site tours 30 minutes before a booking and so I have a valid excuse to boot them out.

I:f you have a commercial space it’s probably not that big of a deal, but my home is not only my home, but also my photography studio and it holds up my work sometimes.

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