Serving and selling alcohol - Best practices?


This can be a tricky but important topic. We’d love to know…

  • What is your knowledge around serving and/or selling alcohol during Peerspace bookings?
  • How comfortable are you with this topic as it relates to your specific space?
  • What questions would you love answers to?

If you’ve come across any specific resources that have helped you navigate this world, please share!


I wouldn’t serve alcohol. I think you’re opening yourself up to potential problems if anything happens or someone gets into a car accident and blames you. It’s just not worth it. If they bring their own, that’s different.


Only should be done if your establishment has a liquor/catering license like we do. I’m amazed by the amount of requests we get asking about bringing in their own alcohol and using our establishment to serve it. Not only is that illegal, there is so much risk and liability taken on by doing so. The idea that someone bringing in alcohol into your establishment and serving on their own, removes the liability of you and your venue, is totally wrong. Someone get’s hurt, or worse, due to alcohol served at your venue, everyones liable and at risk, even if you didn’t supply it or serve it.

When putting open bar alcohol packages together, they should always be priced per person, per hour. Offering open bar options, without an understanding of crowd size is a risk to your event and a nightmare for your barstaff.