Scammer responded to me

The last request that I received for using my space, must have been a scammer.  this is the first time when i responded to confirm that I received zero response and the photo of the person's face was covered by her hair. the request was a last minute for a sunday cooking event.  whoever monitors this, could you check into it.  the name was zw.... the more I thought about the more suspicious it was. Please advise.

Mickelin, send a direct email to Peerspace. Unsure if they will do anything. I sent an email about someone that I thought was non professional and they responded that they were “legit”. Last week, i received a strange request that I responded back within 10 minutes with more questions as it was beyond the normal scope of an inquiry, well “she” never responded back, despite me being receptive to taking about possible arrangements. I’m curious to see if “she” will have a review after Memorial Day as that’s when she wanted ( if she actually books elsewhere). Without previous reviews, there’s no screening process by peerspace and if you have a bad feeling about someone, more than likely they are scammers, criminals wanting to rent your place for something unscrupulous.

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I agree.
Always go with your gut if a situation makes you feel suspicious or uncomfortable, even if they have already booked.

Peerspace is incredibly reasonable if you have a valid reason for needing to cancel. We have had multiple situations arise and they have been wonderful to us. I always say that your safety and the safety of your space is more important than anything else!

for what its worth, I cross-check people with Linked In to see if their name matches the company they claim to work for. This works for those of us renting for Photo Shoots and Film Production (vs. for personal events like b-day parties, etc).

I think most people are legit. Just be there to make sure they don’t do anything illegal.Most of my guests have a professional picture that is a logo and not their face and sometimes it is a last minute request because they lost their hosting space last minute

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I appreciate all of your feedback. I have had people inquire, all but one I would have rented to; and this last one seemed ok until the hidden face and the last minute request.
I am not sure that I want to rent anymore since I don’t see that many people doing this in my area. If I continue it will be with people I know and trust.

Hi @Mickelin_B,

We’ve been working with Peerspace since they landed in NYC around 3 years ago. We currently manage 6 spaces and deal with leads from different sources every day.

We can assure you that over 90% of the leads from Peerspace are legit. Peerspace is with no doubt the most reliable platform in that respect. There is always someone out there being shady, but those are very easy to detect. Just asking the right questions you will be able to see if it’s a good lead or not.

Also - if you have a great space and great listings, business will sooner or later come your way. It’s just a question of being patient, playing with different prices until you find your sweet spot, and sooner or later you slowly will be receiving reservations.

Thank you


Thanks for your input

This was helpful as I am new to Peerspace and just got my first request which is for today for film/video shoot. I didn’t like that the picture is obsure, but I found info on the company he claims to work for. I confirmed but also asked him to provide his LinkedIn or point me to a page that confirms who he is and his company. We’ll see.