Reviews, forcing of


We just finished 2 days of a corporate off-site. This was a big deal with tons of rented furniture and sideshow stuff, for example a guy who took instant photos of peoples’ Auras! Afterwards I went to confirm another booking, and was blocked by peerspace from doing so by a demand to review the corporate event first!

I couldn’t honestly review the corporate event because they had not even finished their move-out. So I dishonestly gave them 5 stars.

I’m the kind of person who actually reads the terms of service before signing online agreements, meaning scrupulously, ridiculously honest!— and of course I still screw up. But this was a bit more insidious, and I resent having to do something that is against my principles. And against my religious beliefs, if I had any.

Anyway, even tho I’m sure it won’t do a bit of good, I hereby report my resentment of this tactic by peerspace.


I have to say, I hate “forced” reviewing. I understand the need to give feedback on renters who are problematic, but the fact that I can’t do anything (including get paid) until I’ve said something about the tenant, tempts me to rubber stamp everyone. Which I don’t do, but… I would really prefer to be able to review the the unfortunately bad renters and occasionally give a gold star to a really great guest. But most of our guests have been fine–more or less organized, more or less friendly. And I really do wonder what guests feel when reading one of these reviews, particularly about themselves. “Disorganized? I wasn’t disorganized!”

I realize this is part of the culture, but I don’t think it’s as helpful as it’s supposed to be.

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I dont have negative feelings about these reviews. However i do feel that it would be helpful to get at least 48 - 72 hours until you have to review. The reason is it takes time to check the space after the guests. Sometimes i am not around until next day. Or sometimes it take until the next day to discover the damage. More importantly it takes time to see if guests would start an argument over damage or overtime charges. It rarely happens but it does happen and it does affect host’s overall experience. So 24-72 hour timeframe would be helpful.

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Agreed! Even a 24 hour delay would be nice. Sometimes I do back to back listings and then get a last minute request…

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I agree with this. I manage 18 accounts and have on-site teams for each listing so I can’t always review the guest immediately. If I get a new booking request, I can’t accept it until the review is complete but will be judged on the amount of time it takes me to accept it.

If it is after office-hours, I cannot even check with the on-site team first. In one instance, I had to give a cookie cutter review only to learn the following day that the guest trashed the space and I couldn’t edit the review. I would like to think that I could save the next Peerspace host the headache by being honest but sometimes I’m forced to give an immediate review and it is not always going to be accurate.

I think 48 hours would be a reasonable amount of time before we’re forced before we can receive payouts or future bookings.


First off, first time posting.
Secondly, I don’t know what I’m talking about. My space went live two days ago and I haven’t had a booking.
I would think put the onus on forced reviews back onto Peerspace by saying something like.
“This review is a non review as policy forced me to write it before being able to adequately evaluate. Therefore I can not speak positively or negatively.” And give a middle star rating.
Enough people do this and policy will change.