Renter wants to host event

I have only had film production on my property and never an event or gathering. The renter says she will have her brother’s security firm there and no alcohol will be served. It will probably be a very quiet event. My concern is that it’s a for profit event ( not a family gathering or employee meeting). Is there something in peerspace’s arsenal that I can have her sign? Additionally I have to tell her to not release my address in any company literature or online activity. I will make sure she goes to the peerspace event planner insurance. My concern is having my property used for very commercial purposes and not having her guests have that understanding. Her previous events were at commercial properties. Anyone have experiences like this and how do you handle?

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Hi Sharon, events/parties can be a challenge. It is largely a matter of using your spidey-senses to get a feel for their true intentions. With hosts listing some of their bad rentals here on the forum, we are all a bit more on alert. But that doesn’t mean the majority have ill intentions.

I have hosted a lot of events and parties, with alcohol. I think most all have been private parties with friends and family. One suggestion if you are unsure, is to keep stressing any rules and policies, and let them know that if the event is not as presented, they will have to leave with no refund.

A guy recently inquired about having his 30th birthday at my space, but in our dialogue he started talking about someone at the door checking the list, sponsors, a VIP area. I told him it was sounding more like a club event and wasn’t sure we were a fit, did not hear from him again.

A woman reached out from a sorority, for a same-week event. My inclination was just to pass, but I told her that we had concerns in a situation like that with underage drinking and things getting too loud. She stressed that it was a gathering to welcome the new pledges, and there would be no boys, and no alcohol. I trusted her, and the event was fine.

I have a commercial space, and I have reservations about for-profit events. I would definitely be cautious in my home. If it is an advertised event with tickets sales, anyone could show up and all it takes is a person or two to cause trouble.

Put the ball in her court to convince you that her guests will be respectful of your space (and how can she guarantee that?). You could insist on meeting her first, and definitely collect a damage deposit.