Rename cleaning fee

I recently had a guest making a bit of a fuss about the cleaning fee since they left the premises fairly clean. But in actuality, the cleaning fee really counts for preparing the space for the shoots, which I’ sure all hosts know takes considerable time. Therefore, I would like to suggest that Peerspace rename the fee prep & cleaning. Or cleaning/prep or something like that. Any suggestions?


Hi Yvonne, I have wanted to make this suggestion for a long time. I know everyone cringes at cleaning fees, and I have had that experience myself renting a cabin and flinching at the $150 cleaning fee. I didn’t like it, but I still booked.

We are in a busy working space, so like you Yvonne, for each booking we are doing a full prep and clean before the event, and then a full clean after. Our cleaning fee is only $75, so we don’t get complaints about it, but it truly should be more. I try to remember that while some parties require extensive cleaning, some other events leave no sign of their presence.

The bigger cleaning challenges are pretty much parties with food and alcohol, so I am thinking of creating an add-on for an additional cleaning fee for parties.

I am also looking at requiring that they pay for an attendant for their party. Someone to mind the space, trash, music, noise, and ensure that our rear loading door remain closed. I don’t want to do it any more.

Good idea, I find myself sometimes having to waive the fee to get a decent rate and sometimes that helps but I don’t like to give it up.

Although I have yet to book my space, I know how much work it is to prepare for my parties and clean up after and it is extensive. If it helps to re-name it, good. Let the customer know this isn’t easy to host events!!! Any use creates some wear and tear too.

I call it SERVICE FEE and describe it as follows:
120.00 for light cleaning, start up 12 waters/12 sodas/light breakfast pastry/21 pounds of ice/24 k cup coffees and Fixins/pool cleaning morning of shoot /grounds prep light cleaning/55 gal mini dumpster pull.
IF THE GUEST DOES NOT WANT TO PAY, they have the option to have me remove the fee.
I average one booking each week for the last 3 years, only one client didn’t want me to provide the services covered in the 120 fee
WARNING:: make sure you call it light cleaning to assure you’re not taken advantage of when food mess gets out of hand

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Hi. I’ve had this issue in the past. I renamed my cleaning (Restore Fee) I think when they hear they should know it applies to not only cleaning but returning the space to the way it was when they arrived. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

The term “cleaning fee” is actually one that Peerspace provides. I don’t see a way to change it myself.

Service Fee or Service Charge makes more sense and allows us to have more flexibility in describing what it covers based on our spaces individual needs.
You can also add a note in your rules section that explains what the charge is for and point the customer to that.