Release Notes 🎉 May 2019

Hey, hosts!

We’re starting something new here. Look out for occasional “Release Notes” like this, exclusively in our community forum, to read about some of the smaller, ongoing improvements we’re making to our product.

June is just around the corner, so here’s a highlight of what we accomplished in May:

  • Search by keyword: Guests can now customize their search experience even more and filter by specific keywords (i.e. your spaces are easier to find!).

  • Fresh Listings page: Share listings, delete unneeded spaces, and see a cleaned up view of your listings’ prices and titles (bonus: this page is now much more responsive on mobile!).

  • Easily share your profile: This one is pretty straightforward, but now there’s a pretty button to quickly share all of your spaces at once (i.e. your host profile page).

All product updates from our team, big and small, can be found here.

Happy hosting!


This is great info! I can’t seem to find where to add those keywords to my profile?

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This is wonderful! Thank you Peerspace the keywords will HELP so MUCH!

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Holy cow, this is everything! Thank you SO much!!!

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Hi, Jennifer, there’s no need to do anything on your end here! Guests can now search for specific keywords in listings (that are read automatically from your listing page), whereas before they could only choose from the pre-set filters we provided. Ultimately, this should make your space more easily discoverable. I hope this makes sense - let me know if you have any other q’s!


Totally get it now thank you Grace!!