Real Time Availability from Client's Perspective


Hi Peerspace!

When a client puts in their event date and time frame (eg, Saturday June 15th 6-10pm) and we are already booked during that time (and I’ve blocked that time off on the calendar) - does our space show up to guests looking?

Or is only when they request to book does it tell them we’re not available?


I would like to know the answer to this question as well. It always confuses me when someone sends a message asking if the space is available on a specific date/time. I thought they have access to see it on the availability calendar.


From time to time I see this issue as well. I will be watching this post.


Hey @Sarah_D, great question. When you already have a date booked a new guest will not be able to book that same time it will show up as unavailable on the calendar in red and they will have to choose a different date. Which may be the reason they messaged you to see if they can get around that.