Re: Introducing Attendee Reviews

I strongly agree with the previous 27 comments that this is a bad idea.
Clearly Peerspace needs to see that this has met with widespread dissatisfaction and reverse thus feature. If none of the hosts want or like it then there is certainly no value added and in fact only a negative.
I hope this public forum makes the message ckear to management in this case


EXACTLY!!! This creates more work for a host. Positive or negative reviews from an attendee means nothing. Just like Yelp reviews, there’s no way to verify the reviewer is legit.


Luckily, this is what this forum is for, so Peerspace can see how we all will respond to a possible roll-out.

Hopefully this tirade of negative feedback will halt the process.
Personally, I don’t even want to see a test roll-out for attendee review, and if I could, I’d make the 5-star portion of feedback a ‘Thumbs up/Thumbs down’ option.

There are a large percentage of people out there who simply refuse to give 5 stars unless they get a magical level of service, and feel a 4 star rating is a ‘positive review’ despite the fact that to most potential clients, a 4/5 review is a failing grade.

We’ve received feedback with 4/5 stars, even 3/5 stars that describe the experience as “amazing and the staff is outstanding” so to give license to attendees who have absolutely no clue what negative or positive aspects of their experience are tied to the venue is ludicrous and will absolutely cause problems for hosts.


Agreed. A simple thumbs up or thumbs down from the renter only is a FAR better and more fair system in my opinion.


This is not a possible rollout, it has already launched! I know this because yesterday (before Peerspace even made the announcement later in the day) I received a notice that I had a new review. It was from a name I didn’t recognize and was for the same event that had already been reviewed by the person who booked it. I thought it was some kind of error and wrote to Peerspace asking about it and how the attendee had access to the account. They said it was a new feature and then a few hours later they sent out the email announcement for this new feature.

The attendee’s review said “Comfortable location, good for a group of up to 20”

It was a 5 star review and I’m going to assume it was meant to be complimentary, but by him saying it was good for up to 20 people it may discourage someone else from booking if they have a group of 25. (which is the number suggested on our listing.) I don’t know if he was even aware of how many people were actually in attendance.

It’s an example of how even a well meaning review by someone unfamiliar with the booking details can have a possible negative impact.

The client booked this event for 24 and she has been here numerous times, sometimes with even larger groups and there has never been any concern (from her or any other client) about our space being too crowded or suggesting the capacity should only be 20 people.

We love Peerspace and we’ve been working with them from the beginning, but we think attendee reviews are a terrible idea and encourage them to discontinue it ASAP.


Hi hosts,

I appreciate everyone’s feedback. It’s always great to see activity on the forum. As we read through this feedback I want to provide a bit of context for this feature.

Only attendees that RSVP through the Peerspace invite system are prompted to leave a review. Because of this, only about 1% of total reviews are left by attendees. So, why release this feature if it won’t get used that often? It turns out that the majority of the attendee reviews we tested are not only overwhelmingly positive, but also provide helpful additional context that will lead to more bookings. In some cases the attendee reviews are actually more helpful than the booker’s review, such as this one:

“I attended Backbone Creative’s Founders Retreat in June 2019 with 10 other attendees. Loved the table that fit a big group that can comfortably get work done, with a cute little kitchen in the back to house our treats and give us standing room to stretch. We even took a group selfie in the end in front of their photo op wall. So cute! Would love to come back if I hosted an event.”

That said, we always evaluate features after they’re released and reading host feedback is part of this process. Your comments are all valid and fair and we will regroup internally on how best to move forward.

Thanks again for your comments,

PS: If you haven’t done so already, I encourage all hosts with variable rates or attendee pricing to add that information: Release Notes 🥳 June 2019

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I’m afraid of this just like everyone else above. A couple of bogus reviews from guests have created so many issues for me on some of my spaces. If we have one guest that isn’t happy, they could really hurt us by having all of their guests jump in and bash us. I don’t want this to impact my spaces.

It’s great that some have had positive experiences with it but what if we don’t? The last thing we need as hard-working hosts is to have more hurdles to jump over to secure bookings. Can you at least make it optional, like the instabook feature, so we can turn off the option if we don’t want it?


Bad idea, I’ve had people walk into my business and ask off the wall questions that I don’t believe anyone could accommodate and then they walk out and leave a negative review because I was not able to deliver to them the impossible.

There are too many crazy people out there. The person paying should be able to leave a review, that’s all.


I recognize that I am a bit late to the ballgame on this issue…however, the idea of Attendee Reviews is so repugnant that I am chiming in. Great…so when you have an issue with a guest who is out of control in any manner, including loud, obnoxious, drunk, violating a rule that Host and Guest set up, agreed to, in advance…the Host needs to be concerned and/or walk on eggshells hoping the Attendee does not retaliate with a bad review.

Listen to the comments from your Hosts, many of whom are professionals, successful business persons, but more importantly …adults. I, by choice, have done a minimal number of events, and prefer to be quite selective in allowing someone into my personal space…but I would not consider it appropriate, on any level, that an Attendee be allowed to judge my space or my performance…my contract is with the person who BOOKS THE SPACE, and I have no issue with that person(s) review. *We shall see how much respect the Site Owner(s) have for the Hosts who are generating the income that HE gets a share of…by how quickly this issue is put out of its’ misery…


Horrible idea! I am so so disappointed.
I fully agree with what every host has said. It seems obvious (for a multitude of reasons) that it should be scrapped.

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In my opinion this was not a well thought out ‘feature’ to add. I echo all of the above comments from fellow hosts here that agree this is a horrible idea and nightmare for hosts.

Attendee reviews will never be relevant to the spirit of the original booking. Attendees have no idea on what the agreement was at the time of booking, the stated house rules, the expectations that were set upfront with the paying guest, etc.

This appears to be a Peerspace move solely to collect more email addresses for their email marketing campaigns at the expense of hosts that will now have to deal with the fallout.

The review process is challenging enough as it is currently. Adding random, out-of-context reviews from attendees should be removed/eliminated now before it takes shape and gathers any momentum.

Peerspace, please take the time to consider BOTH SIDES of the equation before introducing new ideas without consulting hosts that make our jobs/lives more stressful and challenging. We want desperately to feel like ‘partners’ with you and not at odds with policies that produce the opposite feelings.

my 2 cents…


Although I already voiced my opinion on this matter being a feature we would be better off without, I noticed all the responses agree this is a bad idea from many different angles. PS has only one positive comment that is driving this new feature? That doesn’t sit right with me. I repeat as others have said guests do not book event, it’s not their place to comment. It’s like a hotel guest walking in the lobby and writing a review about staying in a hotel.


@Rony_C @Eric

Please read the host comments above and reconsider the implementation of Attendee Reviews.

What was the original objective of adding this in the first place? What did you hope to gain from this?

If the true benefit of this was to generate additional exposure for Peerspace and gather/collect more email addresses from your marketing lists, fine. But you can do this without the negative repercussions to hosts by simply ‘collecting’ feedback from attendees and sending it to us privately and not ‘publishing’ this on our listings. This would provide you with the emails you want, provide us with some additional (albeit not super useful) feedback, and avoid the nightmare that this would create for hosts.

I strongly urge you to reconsider this and make the changes now before this gathers any momentum.


Please, please please eliminate this feature if it hasn’t been done already. There is no productive benefit for hosts. Sure, it gets more people to know and connect with Peerspace (free advertising), but it’s a bad idea for us. @Rony_C


Hi hosts,

Thanks again for everyone’s feedback, we’re glad that so many of you are putting the forum to good use. We’ve read through all your comments and have decided to make adjustments to the attendee reviews feature based on your feedback.

While we work on these changes, attendee reviews will not be displayed on your listings and those scores will not be factored into your star count or rating. If an attendee submits a review we will email the host with their rating and comments but this content and rating is for your information only. I think you will enjoy reading the feedback from those that attended events in your space.

If you’ve received an attendee review it will be hidden from your listing page within the next two weeks.

Thanks and hope everyone has a great weekend.



Hi @Rony_C, that seems like a great way to test this feature and assess its value. I am curious to see who uses it and what the comments will be, and removing the public nature of the comments and ratings alleviates the primary potential downside. Thank you again for listening.


Rony…Thank you, not only for making this adjustment, but also for letting your Host members’ feel confident that our feedback is not falling on deaf ears.
Steven G.


Thanks Rony! We appreciate that Peerspace is listening and responding. Thanks for this change.


Thank you @Rony_C!
So wonderful that peerspace values hosts opinions/concerns.

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@Rony_C Much appreciated!